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Archives for April 2016

Seeking Change: Edgewood College Survivors of Alleged Sexual Assaults Speak Out.

BY ERIK PILLAR | April 27, 2016 Last fall, Edgewood College student Amanda Conder filed a sexual assault claim to Edgewood College’s Judicial Board claiming that she was raped by another Edgewood student in an apartment off campus. In late February, the Board ruled in favor of her accused attacker. The ruling sparked a campus protest that was covered by three major Madison news networks, and began a

directional polling sign

Wisconsin Voter ID Law: Targeting The Young, Old, and Minority?

BY SAM HABERLAND | APRIL 22, 2016 With the Wisconsin presidential primary election ended, critics look back to examine the controversial Voter ID law enacted in 2014. Last week, Wisconsin’s Voter ID law was sent back to United States District Judge Lynn Adelman to determine if a provision for those people who face “daunting obstacles” in

Canvas Club Boxing

BY HUNTER SALMON | APRIL 13, 2016 Canvas Club Boxing opened its doors just over a month ago on March 10, 2016. This hard-hitting gym offers a unique and challenging workout experience, and the first session is free. The atmosphere at Canvas Club Boxing can be found no where else. The dimly lit blue and

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Rape Culture: The Bystander

  BY HUNTER SALMON | APRIL 11, 2016 “Rape culture is the system of cultural support and social belief that legitimize and normalize sexual violence in its myriad forms,” renowned Professor Dr. Carrie Rentschler said when she spoke at Edgewood in late March about the growing problem of rape culture. She defined rape culture as

Brocach Beer and Fries

Brocach – The Traditional Irish Fare

BY GREGORY SCHUETZ | APRIL 11, 2016 On the 1800 block of Monroe Street sits a pub and restaurant named Brocach that provides homage to traditional Irish fare. Brocach, meaning “badger den” in Gaelic, opened its doors in 2011 as a continuation of one of Madison’s premier Irish restaurants. The décor resembles a quaint Irish pub

Cat Cafe Mad

  BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN | APRIL 4, 2016 Last weekend, Monroe Street in Madison saw the official grand opening of its very first cat cafe business – a first of its kind for Wisconsin. Cat Cafe Mad is located on the 1900 block on Monroe Street. There is a $10 cover charge at the door