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Archives for July 2016

Pokemon Go(es) to Edgewood!

BY JUSTIN KEEPES | JULY 22, 2016 Looking to meet new friends, get active, and become a Pokemon Master? Look no further than our very own Edgewood campus. Edgewood has an incredibly large number of Pokestops and Gyms, so come back to school ready battle! Locations of the Pokestops are listed below. Ever since being announced in

Crescendo Espresso Bar and Music Cafe

BY HUNTER SALMON | JULY 14, 2016 Crescendo Espresso Bar and Music Café is a cozy but lively establishment owned by Cait Sirianni. Crescendo provides local coffee, music, and art work to a wide audience. Sirianni has done a great job at creating an environment suitable and comfortable for a wide variety of people. She said