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Archives for October 2016

24-Hour Theatre Blitz Takes the Stream

BY SHELBY LOOCK | PHOTO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN It took only 24 hours for the Edgewood College Theatre Assembly to create two student productions this month start to finish. Most productions take months, if not years, to complete. On Saturday, October 15, the Theatre Assembly hosted its second-annual 24-Hour Theatre Blitz. A group of Edgewood students

Humanities Feel the Grind

BY MIKAYLA MROCHEK | October 28th, 2016                                                     PHOTO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDEN Edgewood boasts of an award-winning student newspaper, theatre program, and music program—the latter two recently earned third place in

Edgewood College Oversells Parking Permits

  BY JESSICA BLACKBURN | PHOTO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDEN On a Wednesday morning the Edgewood College ramp and parking lots are packed as tightly as Macy’s on Black Friday. Desperate students circle the rows of cars in hopes someone will leave campus in time to make their 11 a.m. class. With clammy hands gripping the wheel,

Stationary to Mobile: The Accessibility Icon Project

  BY SANTI ELBOW | PHOTO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN Edgewood College is tackling a universally stationary symbol as the handicap accessibility signs are changing. Dedra Hafner, director of the Cutting Edge Program, proposed the Accessible Icon Project to the Diversity Planning Task Force in 2014. Tony Garcia, member of the Diversity Planning Task Force, said that