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Archives for December 2016

Are Trigger Warnings Helping or Hindering Students in the Classroom?

  BY JESSICA BLACKBURN | PHOTO BY ALEX THOMAS Universities and colleges across the nation are questioning whether providing trigger warnings is just another way of coddling Millennials – who Kathleen Parker, a writer for The Washington Post, refers to as the “Swaddled Generation.” In a letter addressed earlier this year to incoming students at the

Recent Sexual Assault Victim Drops Charges

BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN | December 9, 2016 The victim of a recent sexual assault that was reported to the security office late in October has decided to withdraw the case. On October 31, Edgewood students received an email regarding an alleged sexual assault that took a place in Weber Hall. On The Edge reported that the

Veteran Student Looks To Give Back To His Fellow Servicemen

BY WILL LUND | PHOTO BY ALEX THOMAS Blasts ring through his ears. Flashes, grinding metal, and screams fill the air. He looks over at the clock, and it reads 3:30 am. This scene is common for former military veterans struggling to adjust to civilian life. Over 15 percent of veterans from Afghanistan conflicts say that