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Archives for November 2017

New Cru Chapter Offers Uplifting Christian Messages

BY ALYSSA ALLEMAND | PHOTO COURTESY OF EAGLE CRU Eagle Cru is a new organization on campus that offers interdenominational Christian opportunities to Edgewood College students. Cru is an international group that has many chapters on college campuses throughout the world. The title ‘Eagle Cru’ is used to clarify the club’s affiliation with Edgewood College.

Students Revive SAFE at Edgewood College

LEXI CHITWOOD AND RACHEL GOMOLL | PHOTO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN Edgewood College’s LGBTQ organization, SAFE, is up and running after a year of decommission, and they have multiple events planned. The organization had been left in a free fall after the previous President and Vice President graduated, leaving no one else to take the reins.

Multiple Edgewood College Students Report Mail Theft

BY LINDSEY HAZLETT | PHOTO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN Students have reported over the semester and last year that mail has not arrived when they’ve been notified that mail was sent to them, according to Michael Metcalf, director of transportation and security at Edgewood College. An informative email was sent out by the Security Department on