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Canvas Club Boxing

Boxing Instruction


Canvas Club Boxing opened its doors just over a month ago on March 10, 2016. This hard-hitting gym offers a unique and challenging workout experience, and the first session is free.

The atmosphere at Canvas Club Boxing can be found no where else. The dimly lit blue and white lights put the athletes in a determined and focused state of mind. A clock placed high on the left side of the room shows just how much time is left in each set of exercises. Fast paced and high energy music drums through the gym to set the rhythm of the workout.

Nash Miller, a student at Edgewood College, decided to give the boxing life a go and signed up for his first lesson shortly after Canvas opened its doors. Having never boxed before, he was apprehensive of the experience to come. Passionate trainers were there though to push Nash every step of the way.

“They are very good at helping people of all experience levels complete and excel in this program,” Nash said. “The instructor [Leo Morel] did a good job of including me and often said that ‘we’re all in this together’ throughout our session.” Nash added that it was Leo’s easy and inclusive manner that helped him loosen up and get into the training. “Leo helped me relax and realize that I was in a learning environment.”

Currently, Canvas Boxing offers two types of courses to their clients: Upstart Shadowboxing, and Nobel Art. Canvas Boxing is located at 1831 Monroe Street, and a list of their courses are on their website for booking. Private training is also available at request for a higher cost. Canvas Boxing Club

Upstart Shadowboxing is a class that incorporates the basics of boxing into a fast and upbeat class. Jackie Dorris, a trainer at Canvas Club Boxing, says that the structure of the workout is modeled on real boxing matches. “The workout is broken down into eleven three minute rounds, which is from traditional boxing,” Dorris said. “The trainers have you switch off between cardio, agility, and strength training work.” From there, Canvas clients spend some time with the boxing bags and get a chance to step into the ring. Overall, the workout lasts for 45 minutes.

Nobel Art is a course that empresses technique more so than shadowboxing, says Dorris. Dorris says that Morel is Canvas’ resident boxing pro, and he teaches the noble art class. As noble art focuses much more on mechanics than shadowboxing, it runs a little longer at about an hour long in all.

When asked about his experience, Nash recommended Canvas Club Boxing to anyone who wants an alternative and challenging workout. “The first time is free, and you’re never going to know unless you jump in and try it,” he said.

Canvas Club Boxing is open Monday through Saturday and has classes in the morning and evening. After the first free lesson, Canvas offers a deal of 10 sessions for $150, or the cost of $22 per session unbundled.


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    It’s hard to seek out educated people on this matter, but you sound like you know what you’re speaking about! Thanks

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