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Edgewood College Music Department Gives Back

BY SHELBY LOOCK | PHOTO BY JULIE DUNBAR Edgewood College and its  Music Department are helping to provide meals to those in need. Edgewood College has a partnership with the Luke House community meal program that allows students to help provide meals to families or individuals who are food insecure. According to the Luke House

Edgewood College Students Take Part in a Local Band’s Music Video

  BY ALEX THOMAS | Album Cover by Noon Thirty Design / Loren Zemlicka Photography Two Edgewood College students have taken on a social media internship with local band The Mascot Theory. Amanda Conder, a junior communication studies major, and Summer Wuestenberg, a senior business and music major with a concentration in performance and industry,

Agatha Christie Play Comes to Campus

  BY SHANZEH AHMAD | PHOTO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN Edgewood’s Theater Department is putting on a production of Agatha Christie’s, “A Murder is Announced,” for the spring semester. Jeanne Leep, professor of theater arts and producer of Edgewood theater, is directing the stage adaptation of Christie’s murder mystery novel. Christie is the world’s best-selling fiction author,

Edgewood Hosts Native American Art Exhibition

BY SHANZEH AHMAD | Feb. 11, 2017 PHOTO BY SHANZEH AHMAD A Native American art exhibit, Re-Riding History: From the Southern Plains to the Matanzas Bay, is on display in the Edgewood gallery until later this month.  The opening reception for the exhibition was hosted in The Stream on Jan. 26, where two of the curators of the show

Are Trigger Warnings Helping or Hindering Students in the Classroom?

  BY JESSICA BLACKBURN | PHOTO BY ALEX THOMAS Universities and colleges across the nation are questioning whether providing trigger warnings is just another way of coddling Millennials – who Kathleen Parker, a writer for The Washington Post, refers to as the “Swaddled Generation.” In a letter addressed earlier this year to incoming students at the

Pop Up Poetry Brings Students Together in a New Way

  BY SHELBY LOOCK | PHOTO BY ALEX THOMAS Something is popping up on Edgewood’s campus. This semester, four students from the English Department have been hosting Pop Up Poetry under the direction of English professor, Adam Fell. On Tuesday and Thursday nights in the Wingra Commons, Halie Tenor, Josh Klak, Nick Sengstock, and Rhea Lyons

Edgewood Review Celebrates 10th Anniversary

  BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN  Edgewood’s literary magazine, the Edgewood Review, is celebrating their 10th anniversary and is taking submissions for the 10th issue. English professor David Young has been the faculty advisor for the Edgewood Review since it first started in 2006. This year’s issue will be a combination of the 9th and 10th issues

24-Hour Theatre Blitz Takes the Stream

  BY SHELBY LOOCK | PHOTO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDEN It took only 24 hours for the Edgewood College Theatre Assembly to create two student productions this month start to finish. Most productions take months, if not years, to complete. On Saturday, October 15, the Theatre Assembly hosted its second-annual 24-Hour Theatre Blitz. A group of Edgewood

Intricate and Simple: Conversations

BY ALEX THOMAS | PHOTO BY ALEX THOMAS The Edgewood Gallery is a place where students and the community can view various genres of art and delve into its deeper meaning. Monica Rudquist brings that deeper meaning with her in the porcelain ceramic installation, Conversations, and in this exhibit nothing goes to waste. The “conversation”

Pokemon Go(es) to Edgewood!

  BY JUSTIN KEEPES  Looking to meet new friends, get active, and become a Pokemon Master? Look no further than our very own Edgewood campus. Edgewood has an incredibly large number of Pokestops and Gyms, so come back to school ready battle! Locations of the Pokestops are listed below. Ever since being announced in September of

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