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Arts and Entertainment

24-Hour Theatre Blitz Takes the Stream

BY SHELBY LOOCK | PHOTO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN It took only 24 hours for the Edgewood College Theatre Assembly to create two student productions this month start to finish. Most productions take months, if not years, to complete. On Saturday, October 15, the Theatre Assembly hosted its second-annual 24-Hour Theatre Blitz. A group of Edgewood students

Intricate and Simple: Conversations

BY ALEX THOMAS | PHOTO BY ALEX THOMAS The Edgewood Gallery is a place where students and the community can view various genres of art and delve into its deeper meaning. Monica Rudquist brings that deeper meaning with her in the porcelain ceramic installation, Conversations, and in this exhibit nothing goes to waste. The “conversation”

Pokemon Go(es) to Edgewood!

  BY JUSTIN KEEPES  Looking to meet new friends, get active, and become a Pokemon Master? Look no further than our very own Edgewood campus. Edgewood has an incredibly large number of Pokestops and Gyms, so come back to school ready battle! Locations of the Pokestops are listed below. Ever since being announced in September of

Crescendo Espresso Bar and Music Cafe

  BY HUNTER SALMON | PHOTO BY HUNTER SALMON Crescendo Espresso Bar and Music Café is a cozy but lively establishment owned by Cait Sirianni. Crescendo provides local coffee, music, and art work to a wide audience. Sirianni has done a great job at creating an environment suitable and comfortable for a wide variety of people.

Tyanna and Artwork

Tyanna Buie’s Memoir In Print

  BY HUNTER SALMON | MARCH 7, 2016 Edgewood College is showcasing the work of African American artist Tyanna Buie in The Stream art gallery until April 3rd. Buie is the first black woman to win the Mary Nohl Fellowship in 2012 and received the Joan Mitchell Fellowship to continue her work this year. From growing

Ceramic Wheel

Ceramics Night Gala

PHOTO BY HUNTER SALMON   BY ERIK PILLAR & HUNTER SALMON | FEBRUARY 22, 2016 Edgewood Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted a successful evening of fun for students with their Ceramics Night gala. The event was run by CAB members in early February. Students were given access to the tools and materials needed for creating their

World Without End

BY CARLY OEDING | OCTOBER 26, 2015 On October 9th, 2015 The Stream hosted a gallery opening for Rafael Francisco Salas’ World Without End art exhibit. The gallery opening was a success, with many people attending to enjoy good food, company and art. For several hours the doors were open for admirers to peruse the

Newsies The Musical - Poster

Newsies the Musical – Theatre Review

BY VIVIAN WASHINGTON Dan DeLuca shines as the cast of Disney’s Newsies rocks Madison. When most people hear about Disney’s Newsies they think about the 1992 Disney film as opposed to the 2012 musical. But, the 2012 musical has been a smash hit on Broadway and is currently on national tour. Newsies is a very

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