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College Issues Travel Warnings for International Students

BY WILLIAM LUND | Feb. 20, 2017 PHOTO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN Don’t travel without your documentation. This is the latest message sent by Edgewood College in reaction to newly elected President Donald Trump’s immigration policy changes. Last week in an email sent only to international students, Edgewood College recommended that students with F-1 and J-1 visas

Edgewood Hosts Native American Art Exhibition

BY SHANZEH AHMAD | Feb. 11, 2017 PHOTO BY SHANZEH AHMAD A Native American art exhibit, Re-Riding History: From the Southern Plains to the Matanzas Bay, is on display in the Edgewood gallery until later this month.  The opening reception for the exhibition was hosted in The Stream on Jan. 26, where two of the curators of the show

Counseling After Trump Election: Edgewood Taking Precautionary Measures

  BY JESSICA BLACKBURN | February 11, 2017 PHOTO BY JUSTIN BLACKBURN Edgewood College is offering counseling for students in the wake of President Donald Trump’s election. Though critics say it’s biased against Trump, college officials say that it caters to all of the students. “The American Psychological Association (APA) released data showing that this particular election

Edgewood Pairs with Major Company to Improve Efficiency

  BY JESSICA BLACKBURN | PHOTO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN A comprehensive space study, also called a campus experience plan, is underway at Edgewood College. Last June the Building, Grounds, and Technology Committee of the Board at Edgewood College decided to partner with Credo, a higher education consulting firm that specializes in space planning. The last space

Are Trigger Warnings Helping or Hindering Students in the Classroom?

  BY JESSICA BLACKBURN | PHOTO BY ALEX THOMAS Universities and colleges across the nation are questioning whether providing trigger warnings is just another way of coddling Millennials – who Kathleen Parker, a writer for The Washington Post, refers to as the “Swaddled Generation.” In a letter addressed earlier this year to incoming students at the

Recent Sexual Assault Victim Drops Charges

BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN | December 9, 2016 The victim of a recent sexual assault that was reported to the security office late in October has decided to withdraw the case. On October 31, Edgewood students received an email regarding an alleged sexual assault that took a place in Weber Hall. On The Edge reported that the

Veteran Student Looks To Give Back To His Fellow Servicemen

BY WILL LUND | PHOTO BY ALEX THOMAS Blasts ring through his ears. Flashes, grinding metal, and screams fill the air. He looks over at the clock, and it reads 3:30 am. This scene is common for former military veterans struggling to adjust to civilian life. Over 15 percent of veterans from Afghanistan conflicts say that

Pop Up Poetry Brings Students Together in a New Way

  BY SHELBY LOOCK | PHOTO BY ALEX THOMAS Something is popping up on Edgewood’s campus. This semester, four students from the English Department have been hosting Pop Up Poetry under the direction of English professor, Adam Fell. On Tuesday and Thursday nights in the Wingra Commons, Halie Tenor, Josh Klak, Nick Sengstock, and Rhea Lyons

Madison Rallies Together Against President-Elect Donald Trump

VIDEO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN On Thursday night hundreds of anti-Trump protesters in Madison marched from Bascom Hill to the Capitol. Along the way, different community members spoke out to take a stand against the results of the presidential election from Tuesday night. Speakers from many different walks of life delivered messages in support of the

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