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Recent Edgewood College Graduate Works to Initiate Composting Program

BY ALYSSA ALLEMAND | PHOTO BY YASIR ALHUMADIAN Edgewood College has worked towards implementing a composting program for students on campus in the past. With the help of Edgewood graduate Halie Tenor, the process of starting that program is coming along. Tenor is serving through Chartwells as the Dining Services Sustainability Intern at Edgewood. Though

New Safety and Security App Set to Launch

BY WILLIAM LUND Edgewood College is set to launch a new safety and security app, Director of Transportation and Security Mike Metcalf confirmed. “This will replace The Eagle Alert system,” he said. “Eagle Alert works well, but it’s cumbersome, older technology. . . . This app will be easier for the user.” Students have the

Edgewood College Faculty Surveyed on Free Speech as Part of Investigation

BY ON THE EDGE STAFF | PHOTO BY ALEX THOMAS In the latest development in the controversy surrounding Edgewood College’s hate speech policy, Edgewood College faculty have been asked to complete a survey on free speech. After a Faculty Association meeting April 24, Bonnie Sierlecki, assistant professor of communication studies at Edgewood College, emailed faculty a survey. In the

New Programs May Boost Transfer Numbers to Edgewood College

BY ALEX THOMAS | PHOTO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN New programs will be introduced on May 12 to improve the transfer numbers between Edgewood College and Madison College, according to Christine Benedict, the director of admissions at Edgewood College. Through Madison College, there will be three new “2+2” programs. This allows students to get their associates

Speakers on Healthcare Come to Edgewood College

BY SHANZEH AHMAD Wisconsin is ranked in the middle of all states for quality of healthcare but second highest in the nation for cost. Chris Queram, president and CEO of the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality, said that even though Wisconsin and the rest of the nation have made progress in the last 15 years,

Edgewood College Hate Speech Policy to Change

BY ON THE EDGE STAFF | PHOTO BY ALEX THOMAS This summer Edgewood College will clarify its policy regarding hate speech, including posts on students’ personal social media accounts, Edgewood College President Scott Flanagan confirmed Wednesday (April 12). “We are convening right now a group to take a look at free expression,” said Flanagan. “We are


Edgewood Seeks to Combat Underrepresentation in the Science Field

BY JESSICA BLACKBURN | PHOTO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN Edgewood College’s ROSE project (Resources and Opportunities in Science Education) seeks to aid families from underrepresented backgrounds with opportunities to teach parents about science so they can prepare their children to thrive in the science community. According to Director of Science Outreach and Associate Professor of Natural Sciences

Free Earth Dinner Highlights Food Connections

BY WILLIAM LUND  Students from Edgewood College are putting on a free Earth Dinner. The dinner is providing a healthy and inclusive meal where vegan and vegetarian dishes will be served. On Friday, April 21, from 12-1:30 p.m. in the Washburn Heritage Room, students from the religious studies class Living Sustainably in a Dominican Studium

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