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Madison Rallies Together Against President-Elect Donald Trump

VIDEO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN On Thursday night hundreds of anti-Trump protesters in Madison marched from Bascom Hill to the Capitol. Along the way, different community members spoke out to take a stand against the results of the presidential election from Tuesday night. Speakers from many different walks of life delivered messages in support of the

Traveling Cheap

  BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN  | PHOTO BY YASIR ALHUMAIDAN Many people dream of traveling but don’t do it. If you ask them why they don’t travel, the answers most common are they either don’t have vacation time from work or traveling is too expensive. Traveling is very cheerful, educational and adventurous, but it can be costly.

Canvas Club Boxing

BY HUNTER SALMON | APRIL 13, 2016 Canvas Club Boxing opened its doors just over a month ago on March 10, 2016. This hard-hitting gym offers a unique and challenging workout experience, and the first session is free. The atmosphere at Canvas Club Boxing can be found no where else. The dimly lit blue and

Brocach Beer and Fries

Brocach – The Traditional Irish Fare

BY GREGORY SCHUETZ | APRIL 11, 2016 On the 1800 block of Monroe Street sits a pub and restaurant named Brocach that provides homage to traditional Irish fare. Brocach, meaning “badger den” in Gaelic, opened its doors in 2011 as a continuation of one of Madison’s premier Irish restaurants. The décor resembles a quaint Irish pub

Magnificent Beast Cover

MarchFourth: Music Review

BY EVAN VERPLOEGH | DECEMBER 8, 2015 Hailing from Portland, Oregon, MarchFourth Marching band combines thick, horn-driven funk with acrobatics and elements of the burlesque. Dressed in a mismatch array of clothes ranging from buffalo heads, chest hair revealing vests, and more stripes than you can count, the 20 members of MarchFourth were a spectacle

Freakfest Costume

Freakfeast: God on Republicans, and other Observations.

BY CIARAN FITZPATRICK | NOVEMBER 23, 2015 “You met Moses!? I saw him, we high-fived. I was like whoa, another dude from the bible.” So began my conversation with Jesus Christ, real name Jesse Bodnar, at Madison’s largest Halloween party. Freakfest is a yearly event drawing upwards of 34,000 people, according to NBC15 WMTV. The event,


The Wood Brothers – “Paradise”

BY EVAN VERPLOEGH | NOVEMBER 1, 2015 The Wood Brothers have done it again. The Nashville-based trio have released another heart-stirring, whiskey soaked record that encompasses exactly what they do best. In Paradise, their blues/americana act adds a touch of pizzazz and a little more distortion to their traditionally acoustic sound. Ultimately, The Wood Brothers

Smite: Battleground of the Gods

BY ERIK HAGERMAN | OCTOBER 6, 2015 Smite: Battleground of the Gods is a close up, third-person view of a God or Goddess based multiplayer online battle arena. Changing this game from a PC experience with mouse and keyboard to Xbox One and the controller upped the ante, and brought with it an action packed game