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Crescendo Espresso Bar and Music Cafe



Crescendo Espresso Bar and Music Café is a cozy but lively establishment owned by Cait Sirianni. Crescendo provides local coffee, music, and art work to a wide audience.

Sirianni has done a great job at creating an environment suitable and comfortable for a wide variety of people. She said that she “likes people to feel at home” while drinking or eating at Crescendo. You can feel at home by sitting next to the fireplace in a comfy leather chair or converse with friends with some mellow music in the background.

Crescendo is one of three coffee shops in Madison to carry and serve Anodyne Coffee. Anodyne Coffee was started in 1999 in Milwaukee, WI and continues to serve local coffee shops with, what they call, a ‘wow, that’s a really good’ cup of coffee every time. Crescendo also offers a very unique drink called the Nitro Cold Press. This uses Anodyne’s Medium-Dark Roast “cold brewed, kegged with nitrogen, and served on tap.” The use of nitrogen in the coffee gives it a “stout-like head and mouthfeel”.

Crescendo not only serves coffee but they also serve craft beer and wine. They like to switch up what kind of beer and wine they carry though, so check the menu online frequently to see what they are carrying.

Make sure to check Crescendo’s event page online for evening events. Crescendo is also a Music Café and invites local artists to perform live. You can check out the artist’s music before hand because a sample of their music is always put on Crescendo’s website before they perform.

Sirianni also features local artist’s paintings and photography on the walls of the shop. If anyone is interested in getting your work exposed, then ask to set up a time with Sirianni to show her your work. If she likes it, and works well into the atmosphere of Crescendo, then your artwork could be displayed.

This summer, Crescendo is featuring an ice cream menu. The signature dish is called the Nitro Float. This Nitro Float is made with graham cracker ice cream and topped with Nitro Cold Press.

Whether you are looking for a place to read the newspaper or listen to live music, Crescendo has it all. Their home-y feel, great customer service, wide variety of drink and food choices, and local entertainment makes Crescendo the place for you.

1859 Monroe St. (right across the street from Trader Joe’s)

Open Monday through Friday, 6:30am to 8pm and Sunday, 7am to 5pm



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