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New Programs May Boost Transfer Numbers to Edgewood College


New programs will be introduced on May 12 to improve the transfer numbers between Edgewood College and Madison College, according to Christine Benedict, the director of admissions at Edgewood College.

Through Madison College, there will be three new “2+2” programs. This allows students to get their associates degree at Madison College, then their bachelor’s degree at Edgewood College.

These are the new programs: Associate of Arts or Science at Madison College and Elementary Education at Edgewood College, Associate of Applied Science in Electrical or Civil Engineering at Madison College and Physics at Edgewood College, and Associate of Applied Science in Human Services at Madison College and Sociology at Edgewood College.

Benedict said that once students transfer into Edgewood through these programs, all TAGS are waived except for the COR 3 Tag, R-Tag (Religious studies), and foreign language. Both the religious studies and foreign language requirements can be taken at Madison College, though, to fulfill those tags, but are not required for the degree.

As for how easy it is to transfer credits outside of these new programs, it depends on where the student is transferring from, said Tami Koepsel, the director of transfer and adult admissions at Edgewood College.

“There is a lot of alignment with courses at the UW schools and Madison College,” said Koepsel. “Every school where we draw from is now on the Transfer Equivalency page, which is amazing.”

The files used to be kept in multiple PDF files, but now has been converted into a system where students can look at how courses would transfer from other colleges that students have transferred from in the past. The list is kept up to date as students transfer into Edgewood. The page can be found on Edgewood College’s main website in the transfer students section.

The transfer equivalency page shows that there are 270 courses that transfer between UW-Madison and Edgewood College. 250 courses are also available to transfer from Madison College.

Under an agreement made between Madison College and Edgewood College in April 2016, students who receive an Associate of Arts or Sciences Degree from Madison College will be guaranteed admission to Edgewood College when students transfer directly from Madison College to Edgewood college within five years of completing the Associate degree.

The number of students transferring to Edgewood College has increased over the past couple of years, Benedict said.

Edgewood has had more success over the past few years as it has made the transfer process easier for students. “We receive many more transfer students than our other peer intuitions,” said Benedict. These institutions include small private schools such as Viterbo University, Carrol University, and Beloit College.

One reason for the increase for transfers at Edgewood is the location. “Location is a big draw for students,” said Koepsel. “I think the proximity to other big institutions, which offer a very different academic culture. Sometimes students want to stay in Madison but realize that they will be able to thrive in this educational environment.”

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