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Scott Flanagan: Seventh Edgewood College President Inauguration

Carla Williams | 2014

Edgewood College gave their full support, welcoming the school’s new president Scott Flanagan.


“I am deeply grateful for the faith the board and this community have placed in me to lead Edgewood College,” said Scott Flanagan during his inaugural speech in the Todd Wehr Edgedome.


Although the inaugural ceremony was in October, Flanagan became Edgewood’s seventh president on the first of August this year. In celebration of the new president, Edgewood held a weeklong celebration with Rolf Wegenke, the president and CEO of the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, as well as alumni, New York Times bestselling author Christina Baker Kline, reverends and pastors, students, and cancelled classes for the day so students and staff could attend.


There was a buffet style luncheon before the ceremony, and a reception following. The Edgewood College Chamber Singers sang Listen to Your Heart, a musical number from Edgewood College Story: The Musical. Father Scott Steinkerchner gave a blessing to end the ceremony just before the bag pipe began playing. Former president Dan Carey was there to help present Scott Flanagan with a presidential medallion. Flanagan says he is fortunate to have the support of Carey, who he feels has been a successful president for the past 20 years.


Flanagan gave a heartfelt speech ensuring all of the guests (about 100-200 people) in attendance that he would honor the school’s traditions and core values. During the speech, Flanagan addressed his two children, telling them that people were not there to celebrate him, but the growth of the college.


During the ceremony Flanagan said, “I am not the face of the college, the trustees are not the face of the college, and the students are not the face of the college. The face of the college is the lives touched by those who benefit from this college. In the 87 years of service Edgewood College has only had seven presidents. The students, alumni, teachers, Dominican Sinsinawa sisters, staff and administrators all asked the president to uphold some sort of promise. Promises such as to lead with compassion, help build the community, and service for justice. You may have seen banners around campus. To Edgewood, these are not banners, they are a way of life.”


Flanagan has been a part of Edgewood College since 1998. Since being here he has had many titles, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Interim Chief Financial Officer, Vice President for Planning and Enrollment, Executive Vice President, and he also teaches a finance course.


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