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Smite: Battleground of the Gods

Smite Game Image


Smite: Battleground of the Gods is a close up, third-person view of a God or Goddess based multiplayer online battle arena. Changing this game from a PC experience with mouse and keyboard to Xbox One and the controller upped the ante, and brought with it an action packed game that will blow your mind.


The game is played at a third-person view of the god or goddess which you choose at the loading screen before battle. There are many different versions of battle that can be played.

The main map played is a 5v5 team battle in a gigantic map that your team will have to conquer. There are two halves of the map, one being your side and then the other being the enemy’s. First one to get through the enemy’s defenses win the game and will be considered the leaders of the battleground of the gods.

The maps have different monsters that you can destroy as a team or, if you dare, by yourself. These monsters are separate from the main goal of the map, but provide strong bonus to abilities or stats if you successfully take them on. But be wary, the enemy might catch you in the act and steal the kill away.

The game gives you four different abilities that give you different powers to destroy the enemy’s team, one of them being an ultimate. This ultimate ability is your most powerful skill and will often one-shot an enemy or drastically alter the immediate area to benefit your team. You also can upgrade all your abilities as the game goes on and earn coins that allow you to buy additional items in the game shop to increase your god/goddesses powers.

The game has gods with powers that you might recognize from movies like The Avengers and Thor. You can play as Thor himself, capable of shooting up into the air and looking down at which enemy you want to bring the hammer down on. Also, you can play as a less powerful character – Loki – who can turn invisible, and sneak up on enemy players at the opportune time. Just remember to choose wisely when picking your God/Goddess because picking the wrong character might lead to downfall on the battleground.

The game allows you to customize your Gods/Goddesses with different skins, and you can open a treasure chest to get a random rare skin that will make your God/Goddess unique from everyone else’s.

Verdict 8/10

I had a blast playing this game. There are so many different Gods and Goddesses to play with that you will always have a new experience with the game every time you play.

With fast paced action, high character skin customization, and more, Smite: Battleground of the Gods is well worth checking out. Play it for FREE in the Xbox One store today, or via PC client.

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