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Edgewood Pairs with Major Company to Improve Efficiency



A comprehensive space study, also called a campus experience plan, is underway at Edgewood College.

Last June the Building, Grounds, and Technology Committee of the Board at Edgewood College decided to partner with Credo, a higher education consulting firm that specializes in space planning. The last space study was conducted in 2003 and updated in 2008.

Michael Guns, vice president of business and finance, said the updates could last up to about 10 years. “As a matter of good planning, you need to look out three, or four, or five years since some plans could be for four to five years out when raising funding is needed,” said Guns, who is also a member of the President’s Cabinet and is overseeing the coordination of the space study. “The life span of the space study is about five to ten years since it is a living document that will change.”  

Following the last study, the campus saw construction, renovations, and improvements to The Stream, the Henry Predolin School of Nursing, Dominican Hall, Edgewood Central, and the Facilities Offices, among other developments.

The college considered seven national firms to help with the project before selecting Credo. “They’re partnering with us to look at our space utilization, get a better understanding of our needs and make some recommendations for what we can do to improve existing space use,” said Director of Facilities Operations Susan Vandersanden.

Vandersanden also said Credo seeks to involve the entire community through ‘puzzle play’ and to bring scenarios to reorient the space Edgewood already has to work with.

How Edgewood utilizes the space will be informed by the 2027 vision – a strategic plan built around student learning, inclusion, and community impact. According to Guns, the strategic plan is still in the process of development and will be based on the organization, mission, and values of the college.

“Some things need to be fixed now, and some are part of a vision,” Guns explained. “The Stream building came out of that vision the last time.”

In Credo’s first campus visit last December, they were able to reach over 125 community members through individual meetings with departments, open forums, and staff association meetings. They will continue to explore the needs of the college by including student sessions as well. Credo will be visiting campus several times between now and April.

When asked about the parking situation at Edgewood and whether the campus plans on building up the parking ramp or adding parking, Guns said, “There are no current plans for any specific project at this time. The space study will inform decision making and project prioritization. Certainly, parking is an issue being raised.”

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