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Winners of the Music Scholarships Are Announced


On Friday, March 24, 2017, the winners of the scholarships for the Music Department were announced.

There are five scholarships that were announced for the 2017-18 Academic year.

The $2,500 Ken and Diane Ballweg Music Scholarship, which is open to declared music majors with a 15-minute audition, was awarded to Summer Wuestenberg.

The $1,000 Deette Beilfuss-Eager Scholarship was awarded to Brandon Glock for his studies in advanced piano. The scholarship requires a 10-minute audition.

The Sr. Edward Blackwell Scholarship is given for a student who has shown leadership, scholarship, and performance in music courses. Brandon Bongard won this scholarship after a 10-minute audition.

The Mary Mickle Battcock Scholarship is awarded to students who have shown their potential in their study of piano along with a 10-minute audition. This scholarship of $1,000-2,000 per year was given to Collin Haas.

The Vernon & Anja Sell Choral Scholarship is given to students who have shown their contributions to the choral program, and this was given to both Jacob Reetz and Rachel Bucheger. They were awarded $350.

The auditions were performed on February 8, 2017.

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